Client Services

Magellan partners with companies like yours who are looking to hire the bright, young, high caliber Military Trained Technicians and Leaders (Degreed and Non-Degreed) who have recently separated from the military or those who are about to transition out soon and seeking careers in the civilian sector.  Our specialty is identifying interested candidates and matching their military skillsets to your open requirements.  Our responsibility is to fully screen interested candidates on your position requirements, location, shift dynamics and compensation in order to submit for your consideration and interview.  We identify our candidates through multiple means to include: Referrals, Military Job Fairs, Transition Assistance Partnerships, private internal career board and other sources.

If you are seeking candidates who have phenomenal work ethics, integrity and discipline with the ability to motivate and inspire others around them, our military trained job seekers are great candidates for your Maintenance, Operations and Engineering departments.  Many of these military candidates will have relocation paid for by the military which allows you to cast a wider net for talent without the need to pay relocation assistance. Need More Information on our contingency recruiting services click here!

Magellan Business Model

We are an industry specific "veteran owned small business" founded in 2004 that specializes in recruiting prior military talent for industries that require technical expertise in areas of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical troubleshooting and the engineering fields.  The Power Generation, Datacenter, Industrial Gases and Manufacturing industries are major clients of Magellan but also those service companies and OEM providers feel our prior military candidates raise the bar when it comes to the level of technical aptitude coupled with phenomenal work ethics, discipline and integrity that are difficult to uncover in their local pool of talent.  

How We add "Value"

We provide our clients with a reliable recruiting source that results in a sharp reduction in fulfillment cycle-time and turnover.  This is accomplished by pre-qualifying candidates through an extensive selection and development process that thoroughly screens potential candidates prior to entering the interview process.   We employ a Quality over Quantity approach versus flooding our clients with a large volume of partially screened candidates.  This has resulted in substantial savings in interview expenses and has built a unique level of trust with clients who have experienced our capabilities.

"At Magellan we stay in our lane, recruiting for industries we are experienced and familiar with.  We focus on our past experiences and success, never sacrificing quality or customer service.  We maintain invaluable insight on industry and employment trends as well as working environments within our specialty by our consistent presence at industry trade shows, conventions and visits to our client locations. 

The Magellan customized recruiting and “what makes most sense” approach provides individual clients various levels of "Private" candidate presentation methods to tailor to your hiring and interview processes.  We will NEVER ask you to attend a National Hiring Conference where you compete over the same semi-screened candidates like our competitors employ."   


Some of our partnerships




“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”