About Us

Magellan Professional Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2004, to provide clients with the highest quality candidates for engineering, leadership and technical positions that require detailed screening and a customized hiring approach. The company was built on the values of "honesty" and "integrity" with "respect" to candidates and clients alike. The business endeavor has been a resounding success with our model of in-depth screening and concentrated recruiting efforts without requiring job seekers or clients companies having to attend an offsite recruiting event competing over the same talent.

As the President of Magellan Professional Solutions, Michael manages the fulfillment side of Magellan. Michael has been helping veterans transition out of the military over the course of the past 20 years into civilian employment opportunities.  He has developed recruiting methods that he tailors to each individual, preparing them for the interview process as well as setting proper expectations to make their new employment role a seamless progression.  Serving in the Navy for 10 years on active duty as a SWO, then another 18 years in active reserve positions has provided Michael first-hand knowledge about military professions that Magellan specializes in and has a solid reputation for setting job-seekers up for success. 

Mr. Erikson was one of the most professional head hunters I have ever worked with. I spent a lot of time with different agencies trying to find a company that was a good fit for me and only Michael (and his partner Douglas Long) seemed to understand that. They took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for. I was only ever presented careers that Mike and Doug were very knowledgeable about, and was prepped well for the interviews. If you are in the market for a career change I highly recommend working with them and with Magellan. - William Grover (Commissioning Agent-CSG)

"Michael and his team did an outstanding job of finding and preparing me for a new career in the energy sector. It was a long process due to the nature of the business I am now going into and he was there every step of the way. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a new career or transitioning from the military. Thank you Michael, well done". - Tim Johnson (Energy Consultant-MAL)

Michael was an honest recruiter who assisted me, even though I took a job at another nuclear plant. He worked diligently to acquire a position for me and was genuinely pleased for me when I made a different decision. I have maintained communications with Michael and would seek out his services again if the opportunity presented itself. Also, if I was looking to fill a position for a company, I would seek out Michael's services. Michael has a high level of integrity that is often difficult to find. - Daniel Mickinac (Licensing Supervisor - Southern Company)

As the Chief Operating Officer of Magellan Professional Solutions, Doug is responsible for the business development  and future operational direction of the Company. His primary role is building relationships with client companies, understanding their hiring needs and company culture in order to better serve them in a sourcing capacity. Doug served 20 years of military service, first in the US Army then retiring from the Navy in 1998 as an FC1(SW) Nato Seasparrow Missile Technician. The experience and knowledge he acquired with 3 years of Navy recruiting, coupled by 18 years of corporate recruiting enables him to successfully develop and manage strategic hiring plans for companies across the US.

"Douglas is a consummate professional who leaves no detail unnoticed. He works hard for his clients and the candidates he presents are of the highest caliber. He carefully matches each candidate to positions where he knows they will provide the best service to their prospective employer, and also ensures the positions are in keeping with each candidate's wants, needs, and desires. As the Chief Operating Officer, Douglas runs a very professional organization. I would consider him one of the very best in his chosen profession." - Kevin Laplat (Plant Manager - Cryogenic ASU"

"Doug provides well-qualified talent. If Doug recommends you interview a person...pay attention and do it! Very credible. High integrity." - Barry Wallace (Fleet Director - First Energy)

"If you want the best military candidates your company can hire then look no further! Doug Long and his team are the absolute #1 company to use for your military recruiting. Doug has years of experience and is by far the most personable and highly respected in the industry. I won't use anyone else and I get calls almost everyday from other agencies. If you want help with staffing call Doug Long today." - Sapphire Wells (VR/HR at Millwood Industries)

We will NEVER ask you to attend a National Hiring Conference to compete over the same semi-screened candidates or subject candidates to the same just to fill an interview slot!

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”